Helping Gig workers in Africa Succeed!

The world of work has shifted over the last decade and the Gig Economy is reshaping careers globally. We are empowering gig workers across Africa by offering inclusive services and financial solutions to enable them thrive in the Gig Economy. 

The Gig workers in our community work on:

We are democratizing access to opportunities in Africa’s rising Gig Economy.

Gigmile is building the services and financial infrastructure for the African gig economy. We train and provide gig workers with core services and an affordable lease on productive assets which is tailored to their earnings to enable them to succeed as mobility entrepreneurs.

We Empower Mobility Entrepreneurs with Access to:

Vehicle Financing

Our Drive-To-Own scheme, offers drivers a comprehensive insured vehicle which comes with free maintenance through the tenure of the lease.

Smartphone Financing

Gig workers working with mobility and other digital platforms are able to obtain smartphones on credit and pay back over a period of up to 6 months.

Fuel Top Up Advance

For mobility entrepreneurs with ICE vehicles, fuel is the lifeblood of their trade.  We support our community members with access to fuel in form of credit through a partnership with Shell and Total gas stations.

Earned Wages

We enable the members of our community to access their earned wages on-demand before their payment cycles which enables them proactively manage their finances without incurring debts.

Vehicle & Smartphone Repair

No gig worker wants a break down of their tools of trade. We support mobility entrepreneurs in partnership with different repair shops to ensure an almost 99% uptime of their productive assets.

Connection to Gig Work

At the core of our value offering is to create opportunities for gig workers to access dignifying jobs. We work in with different ride-hailing, digital commerce and quick commerce platforms to achieve this.

Continuous Support

We work tirelessly 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide endless support to our community of Gig workers. It is always day one for us as gigmile.

Together with financial institutions, OEMs, digital platforms, automobile workshops and other strategic partners, we support mobility entrepreneurs with the core services and assets they need to thrive and succeed at work.

We are the gig workers Buddy! 😎

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Gigmile is simply amazing. I am finally able to work with a company that truly understands the needs of gig workers bottom up. It has been a wonderful experience in the last 3 months, thank you!   - Will Anaba (Gigmile Captain)

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The Exclusive Features of the Gigmile Mobile App

The Gigmile App offers everything you need to work, earn, and get paid at your call and be the proactive manager of your finances. A few of the features offered are:

Seamless Onboarding

Create and set up your account within a few minutes for a perfect onboarding into our community and get access to our exciting services.

Personalized Schedule

With the enhanced flexibility of our platform, you get to have a personalized experience on the platform just exactly as you want it.

Hassle-Free Service Requisition

Request for and get access to any of our services, Asset Financing,Working capital and Ancillary Offerings without delay or stress.

24/7 Support

We strive to provide our Gig workers with an impeccable experience. Need help going forward? Our ever-reliable customer service representatives will attend to you.