The World of Work is Changing!

The Gig Economy is a critical part of the future of work in Africa and one of the fastest growing segment within the informal sector.

Technology is providing opportunities at an unprecedented scale which is changing the economic and social outlook towards flexible work and self-employment.

Accounting for 80% of jobs, the informal sector is the main source of employment and the backbone of economic activity in urban Africa.

There is growing demand for increased access to training programs and empowerment schemes.

We Seek to Make the Future of Work, Work for Informal Gig Workers

Gigmile is building the services and financial infrastructure for the African gig economy. We train and provide gig workers with core services and an affordable lease on productive assets which is tailored to their earnings to enable them to succeed in the mobility industry as entrepreneurs.

Beyond job creation, we are highly committed to improving the resilience of Gig workers. We create a community for gig workers to feel appreciated for their work, pursue the benefits of independent work and get ahead together.

Gig workers deserve better, so that's what we're giving them 

Our Vision

To build the future of work in Africa via creation of economic opportunities for Gig workers.

Our Mission

To develop and support Africa’s Gig workers to improve their livelihood and financial resilience through inclusive financial services.

Are you An Experienced Driver? Do you want to:

Own a vehicle (motorcycle) through our drive to own scheme?

Acquire or replace your existing mobile phone?

Unlock additional opportunities by working with our partner platforms (Jumia, Bolt Food,Glovo)

Earn as you work and get paid as you earn at your call?

Ensure you are always in good health?

Get a great insurance plan for your Vehicle?

Get free access to our core services and training towards skill development?

We are glad to welcome you on board. At Gigmile, we empower individuals ready to be a part of our community with the tools needed to safeguard their financial status whilst earning more! Kindly click here to learn more.

Kindly click here to learn more.